Relaksacje terapeutyczne prowadzone w języku angielskim ( 15.06.2016)

Letter of reference regarding therapy undertaken with Zbigniew K. Marzec – 2016


I decided (after some discussion with my partner) that I would try a course of therapy to see if it was possible to effect the low mood, and cycles of negative thinking that have been with me since my mid-teens – around 20 years… 


It is probably worth mentioning that it was not my first attempt at therapy and I was not very convinced that an improvement was possible for me.  At the time of starting therapy I was very much dependent on antidepressants.  By the time I stopped I did not seem to need them.  I am not against medication personally as a means of coping and at the time I was extremely glad to have the option of taking them, as the alternative was unbearable.  However I have come to view it as temporary treatment for a symptom that does was not addressing the cause.


I think that Zbigniew’s approach to therapy is very different to anything I had encountered before.  There is clearly a great deal of professional discipline, learning and understanding, but if I had to guess I would say that life experience, personal enquiry and a natural interest and intuition for the art of healing play at least as big a part in his success as a therapist.


For my part I get wrapped up in thinking and analysis.  It was necessary for me to have rather an intellectual and philosophical discussion, but underling this there was always a focus on emotional understanding and the development of the power of imagination on a subconscious level.  The therapy was varied and discussion was only a part of it, a point which surprised me in positive way. 


To lead someone to develop both a rational and subconscious understanding of their issues is high challenge. To do this while simultaneously developing the ability of their minds to develop from a depressed and nihilistic state to one in which they are able to dream and feel things again is something which I would not have thought possible.  It is certainly a rare talent and something I think few could have achieved in my case.  I feel very grateful to have encountered Zbigniew and for his dedication to my particular process of recovery. 


I feel I now have the tools to approach understanding the effect of my own thoughts and to unlocking the positive power of my own mind.  Generally I feel very much more able to approach life in a positive way.  I think that even at the worst times we all remember somewhere that life has great meaning – that we miss feeling it and get lost as a result is proof that it is a natural part of what we are!  That is a simple logic but remembering that and finding it once it is lost is not so simple and I am glad I had such good help.



James H.